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The town of Monte San Vito is located in a beautiful hilly area close to the Adriatic Sea. The town is full of scenic charm and within driving distance from important beach cities like Senigallia, with its velvet beach, and the incredibly breathtaking Conero coast.

The Monte San Vito area believes in Sustainable Tourism and many guest accommodations welcome visitors without hindering or penalizing the panorama, thereby adding value, refurbishing and maintaining buildings that would otherwise not be utilized.

The goal of Sustainable Tourism is to bring vacationers inland (at least two kilometers from the sea), so that the coast maintains its natural pristine conditions.

There are a variety of local accommodations as well as businesses whose goal is sustainability of the land that surrounds us. The production of traditional high quality products obtained from organic farming, especially Olive Oil and Wine, are some examples.

The Municipality of Monte San Vito aims to create awareness regarding alternative forms of tourism and collaborates with various businesses in the area in order to promote initiatives in support of sustainable tourism.


To request information and clarifications you can send an email to the inbox of the tourist office:



Accommodations in the Monte San Vito area
Monte San Vito's local products
Thanks to the work of Stefano Esuperanzi, who drafted and edited a list of waterways, artificial lakes as well as sources and springs of this area (all were active in 1993), we have created the above map that will be utilized, along with marked trails, agritourism routes, and directions to the two springs on Via Pozzo and Via Fonte delle Cannelle, by our schools, residents, and whomever would like to get to know the surrounding area.
Translation curated by Enrica Frulla
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